Here is Steve’s itinerary for the next quarter.

We would love to see you at some of these!

April 5th-7th – Encounter Nights UK, CTF Ministries UK
April 8th-10th – Revival Nights with John Arnott, CTF Ministries UK
April 14th – New River Church, Edmonton
April 18th-21st – Holland, Amersfoort, Rafael Church
April 26th – Holy Nation Summit, Dominion Center, Woodgreen
April 26th– Four Winds, BKIM April 28th – TBC

May 11th – Kingdom Encounter, London, Trinity Church, Colindale
May 18th – Compelled By Love – Liverpool
May 22nd – Prophetic Encounter Leeds May 24th – Four Winds, BKIM
May 30th-31st – Danny Silk, CTF Ministries UK, London

June 1st – Kingdom Encounter, Northampton
June 11th – Vienna, Round Table June 28th – HSN