May 1st: Praise Tabernacle Church, Wembley

May 4th – 7th: Harvest Now Evangelism School, Essex

May 8th: Ahava, Barking

May 10th – 12th: BICP Retreat, Ilford

May 15th: The Well, Islington

May 22nd: Capstone Church, Ilford

May 23rd: Dwell, Pinner

May 29th: RIG London


June 3rd – 5th: Victory Church, Cwmbran, Wales 

June 5th: Prophetic Encounter, Windsor 

June 6th – 10th: School Of Prophets, California 

June 26th: Capstone Church, Ilford


July 1st: Imprint Church, London

July 3rd: Prophetic Encounter, Windsor

July 4th: Dwell, Pinner

July 8th – 10th: Chanctonbury Church, Summer Conference

July 13th-15th: Jesus Fields, Oxford

July 16th: Lion Heart Festival, Isle Of Wight

July 24th: Encounter Night, Trinity Church

July 29th-31st: GPA, Glasgow TBV


May 1st

May 4th – 7th

May 8th 

May 10th – 12th

May 15th

May 22nd

May 23rd 

May 29th

Praise Tabernacle Church, Wembley

Harvest Now Evangelism School, Essex

Ahava, Barking

BICP Retreat, Ilford

The Well, Islington 

Capstone Church, Ilford 

Dwell, Pinner 

RIG London 


June 3rd – 5th

June 5th

June 6th – 10th

June 26th

Victory Church, Cwmbran, Wales

Prophetic Encounter, Windsor

School Of Prophets, California

Capstone Church, Ilford


July 1st

July 3rd

July 4th

July 8th – 10th

July 13th-15th

July 16th 

July 24th 

July 29th-31st

Imprint Church, London

Prophetic Encounter, Windsor

Dwell, Pinner

Chanctonbury Church, Summer Conference

Jesus Fields, Oxford

Lion Heart Festival, Isle Of Wight

Encounter Night, Trinity Church

GPA, Glasgow TBV