Steve Tebb

Join us for 3 days in the presence of God at our prophetic worship conference ‘Magnify’.

Earlier this year the Lord spoke to several of us about hosting a gathering that would not only facilitate the space for worshippers in the UK to come and unite together and encounter Jesus afresh as they pour out their worship, but to also give language and clarity to the season that the Church is in prophetically in the UK, concerning worship and God’s heart for it. And so we want to respond to the invitation and partake in that.

We believe that the UK is in a time of great shifting and change in worship, that God is both calling us and responding to, the persistent prayer and praise that is going up before His throne, stirring a greater hunger in many and building an army of worshippers. We believe that there is a remnant of priestly and prophetic worshippers that are arising, desperate for God to move and to pour out His Spirit on a generation. And they are being gripped with a desire to see Jesus receive His reward through their lives given over as an offering of worship.

We know that we are being invited in, to declare the praises of God together, that all may know of His greatness, that it may spread everywhere. (Habakkuk 2:14)

Come and join us at Magnify, June 20-22nd. Capstone Church, London, 316 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1QW

Tickets are available with group discounts.

May - June Itinerary

May 19th:

May 25th:

May 26th AM:

May 26th PM:

June 1st:

June 2nd:

June 7-9th:

June 11-15th:

June 20-22nd:

June 28th:

June 30th:

Truth Vine Church, Wembley 

Union Church, Totteridge TBC

New River Church, Edmonton 

Elim Wimbledon

SOAR Capstone Church, Ilford 

Prophetic Encounter, MyChurch Windsor 

Netherlands, Rafael Amersfoort 

Canada Calgary, Ruach Church 

Magnify Prophetic Worship Conference, Capstone Church, Ilford 

The Altar, OV Wembley Arena 

MyChurch Windsor

May 19th: Truth Vine Church, Wembley 

May 25th:  Union Church, Totteridge TBC

May 26th AM: New River Church, Edmonton 

May 26th PM: Elim Wimbledon,

June 1st: SOAR Capstone Church, Ilford 

June 2nd: Prophetic Encounter, MyChurch Windsor 

June 7-9th: Netherlands, Rafael Amersfoort 

June 11-15th: Canada Calgary, Ruach Church 

June 20-22nd: Magnify Prophetic Worship Conference, Capstone Church, Ilford 

June 28th: The Altar, OV Wembley Arena 

June 30th:  MyChurch Windsor

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